Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?



Lets see, there is lots.

We work too much is my first thought.

But you probably want me to talk about Iraq.

I guess the fact that the Soldiers are unfriendly and for the most part act like

low classed and idiots. That is a start.

I generally do not get people started on by saying anything bad about the USA.

In 7 years of travel I have learned. The Europeans have Pe@## envy and they

are looking for a way to get some Americans on their side.

My friend Jack from Canada used to say in Pie de la Cuesta.

"Remember Andy, lots of countries and most have had their ass kicked by the

USA and want some payback. Most have lost wars to the USA."

He would put in the punch for few European countries.


"Most of Europe, only knows and is good at getting occupied."

Jack was in the Korean War,

Died a couple of years ago.

But had a good horse sense about diplomacy.

Now for me, I am trying to remeber if anyone from any country besides the USA

has ever even sent a dollar. I do remember a guy from Mexico put 1 dollar on his

credit card.

As for the manners of USA Soldiers. I wrote in my first newsletter in Iraq that they

needed to improve their hellos.

I think the Americans are very stupid to fix the electrical problems for this nation.

They are a rich nation. Set up a government and let them swim.

I am 100 percent sure that the electrical problem were here before the bombs

started. Plus you will have a riot when they get a meter and have to pay.

I think the Americans are stupid for wanting to help so much.

Just do the minimun and get out.

Set up a HUGE military base in the north and the south and protect

this region from the crazies. But stay on the base and let the locals kill each

other, and work out their goverment. South Korea, German, and Japan all

have USA military bases.