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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2003-08-23 10:29:00

Her name is Rudi Bahktiar, but I think that's Pakistani. I can watch her for hours...LOL.. Also Heidi Collins, if you can see her there on your regional version - highly recommended. Hah! I have 2 CNN's here with different extreme anchorwomen. There's also a very hot young blonde war correspondent on FOX whose name I can't recall, but generally the "Women of CNN" would be the title on a Playboy magazine that I'd impulse buy if I saw it on a newstand.

I don't miss the 5 dollars. Maybe go to a 2-Star instead some night. You might run into Saddam Hussein! Get me an autograph - I could sell that on EBAY.

Eating Steak and Cheetos since 4 AM here in lakes and forest North Idaho. Good Fun!

- Chris

ANSWER: Nice to know on these lonly nights the girl on CNN has a name.

What I do?