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BORN AGAIN BOB ... Sort of makes us look weak.

2003-08-31 21:04:00

Theres is this man from the hills around Los Angelos, California here in Baghdad.

I call him "Born Again Bob" He is a good guy and I call him this to his face. But he

does say a lot you need to be born again. So I am just repeating. He is a missionary.

I told him that I am glad he is here. Mainly because I do not see the Missionaries in the dodgy or

really remote area. He said they are there. I said, "But Bob, I have been there, and they are not."

He thinks that all the world is there if he is there. Sort of normal logic.

But in the end he does make me feel a little on the weak side. He just goes out and leaves

anyway he wishes more less. He does not have rod to protect him, so it must be something else.

I was recommending we put him out front of us, and he thought that was OK.

He is going to Basra today also to meet a friend in Kuwait. Bob is a little intense and having

2 hearing aids, plus being 76 does not help. But his intent is good. I may not like all people

and disagree sometime, but if their intentions are good. I am happy.

Bob has been everywhere. Maybe twice. Lots of stories if you will listen to the extra.