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BAGHDAD OR BUST - That will put a chill in my mother

2003-08-22 07:30:00

I lived a good life. I have not regets. I live my own dreams.

I made more mistake then needed, but I did a few good things.

So let talk about Danger!

Baghdad is a big city. I probably had enough crime before Saddam supposed to have


500,000 prisoner out of the jails

I was told this by a Kurdish man.

I have seen 5 jails on the road to Mosul and 5 jails on the road to Kirkuk.

I took photos. These places are huge. Saddam did not put up with crap.

Any questions and you was in Jail.

So these people are probably in Baghdad.

The you got the Islamic Jihad types.

There is the odd guy that is ex military that has a burr up his butt because

he lost the war, and has no job. So all in all. Why go to this place?

I just want to know.

What percentage want the USA to leave?

I will ride with a man from Erbil. He knows Baghdad.

The danger in Baghdad is the trip from the end of a bus trip or colective taxi to the

hotel. They drop me off at the entrance to Baghdad, and that is where the danger lies.

So by going with Farid. I do not have to do this. Plus if the good hotels are full he

will drive us around until we are safe. Then we just keep our heads down. Stay away

from the UN and their big targets called SUV's. (Toyota Land Cruisers)

Make sure we are not predictable and have a smile. Make some people want to help

protect us. That is done by endearing ourselves with people. Chat and talk with the

locals. They will warn us of any danger.

I am sort of a hard ass about travel sometimes, but most of the time I am surrounded

by people that help me. I meet the best of the best, and have learned to walk away

and be firm with the crazies. I am the one responsible for my life.

It really is not that difficult. But for those of you that think a guy with a machine gun

will protect you. Kiss you ass goodbye. That just gurantees that the crazies think you

are important enough to kill. Be a Hobo.