Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


2003-08-07 11:46:00

A man in my hotel said,

"You are safe in Iraq. You are a civilian."

Same as a guy from Germany acting like they will not mistaken him for an American.

Killing is not a real logical thing.

I remember asking a girl in Colombia if the bus was ok?

She said,

"I made it."

Duh... I can run in front of a machine gun and some people will make it.

Tell me the pros and the cons.


I had a business man from Baghdad recommend and write down the name of a good hotel in Mosul tonight. 20 dollar per night.

It all in Arabic letters so I cannot read it.

All of the writing in Kurdistan seems to be done in Arabic letters. They have lots of English, but most people seem to write in Arabic.