Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2003-08-15 08:47:00

I am in Erbil. This area is not as warm and friendly as the inner city Arab Mosul.

But they have not been under the sanctions. Or if they have, they broke them all

because this city is like Dohuk, full of Merceded and BMW's.

I cannot understand where they get the money.

I met some Soldiers today. The think this is friendlier then Mosul, but

there never seems to be any that have been in both places really, and if they

have I do believe they cannot and do not assimilate into the societ with the gun and uniform.

The are at best an observer. There is a need for citizens to to mix with the Arab parts.

The Kurdish part really does not need anything as far as I can see.

Maybe some was for the BMW, but other than that nothing.

This is a very high level of development here. Higher than normal for my travels of 48 countries.