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2003-08-18 01:19:00

I first went to Kirkuk. There was some form of new on BBC about a pipeline being blown up in the area.

The taxi driver in Kirkuk took me to a very expensive hotel. 35 Dollars a night U.S.

He spoke a enough English to finally say, that the bomb explode on the road between Kirkuk and Belgie.

It was suppose to be 60 kilometers from Kirkuk.

So I opted to come on to Erbil. It was still early in the day.

Kirkuk is a mixed town. Arabs and Kurdish. I have the one Hotel business card and will post a photo of it soon.

The taxi driver said that the "Saddam Regime" was in Kirkuk.

There is nobody that like Saddam. Even the Arabs in that share the colective taxi with me do not like Saddam.

But there is a mafia like association obviously that helps Saddam. A dictatorship is more like a mafia then a

government. Better to understand it in this manner. They work under fear, and manipulation.

Unfortunately the world press always put it under some social cause.

The world press is always saying there is a rebellion or civil war in Colombia.

This is total bullshit. It is just the Coca business trying to keep out the press and

world powers so their Mafia can run their business.