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2003-08-15 00:22:00

We are not occupiers and the people will not revolt.

The more time I stay in Iraq, the more time
I am sure that that the USA should pull back a lot
on the patrolling of the Iraq cities, and spend more time
building Air Force bases, and working on the electrify
for this country. If they remove themselves from being targets
there will be fewer attacks. The attacks will continue as long as they
have easy target. The patrols make this easy.

I do not see that patrols are necessary in Mosul or any
of Iraq. Looking for murderers is not the same as trying
to keep the peace. The people of Iraq will start helping
a little more if they know they need to point before we come
and we will not spend our time having the Soldiers being targets.

The USA does not need to keep down rebellion.
The people of Iraq complain about Electricity.
They do NOT complain about the Americans.
They complain about wanting the Americans to fix the electricity.

I have not met anyone that wants to attack the USA.
The attackers are paid terrorist. Probably from some hard line
Muslims that do not like their children watching music videos.