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2003-08-22 09:48:00

Peter the Brit explained something and it was more or less confirmed yesterday in Mosul.

I see lots of Mercedes and BMW's. It appears that the Kurdish people, and some of the Arab people

are extremely wealthy. That is true, but the better truth may be in the explanation that Peter gave.


Either they go to Germany and buy a car and leave the country, or they just buy a stolen car.

Peter was saying there is an advertisement for German to come to Poland.

It says,

"Come visit. Your car is already here."

So it appear that all the cars are stolen, and maybe they are not rich, but just part of the chain

of purchaser of stolen cars. I need duct tape.

OK. Germans you are off the hook. I apologize. You maybe did not break the sancitions.

But I still have my eye on you, as do I on the French. Only and mostly the women.