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2003-08-23 02:05:00


OOPS. Got the real bosses in life a little on edge. My mother corrected me.

That she was a Christian first and an American second.

I agree, but was more or less trying to explain the racism here in Iraq. The put things

in this order. Country then Religion. Although the religion is more important here also.

But it is hard to believe anyone would kill in the name of a God.

YOU are a PERSON last here. If you are not defined first. You do not exist.

I remember 2 black people in Venezuela fighting over the name.

One was a Moreno and the other a Negrito. The Moreno had straight hair.

The Negrito has curly. I was laughing all the way to the next place.

Sad though. The Moreno was more black then the Negrito. The word Negrito means

Black, blah blah blah. I could care less. They was both nice, but did not want to

talk with each other. They both wanted to talk with me, but not to each other.

I was in between.

This has a strange bearing on life. Chavez is a Dictator. Racist country.

Saddam is a Dictator and this country is racist.

We are humans first and all the rest is just noise.