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2003-08-04 00:59:00

I am in room 110.

I think the country codes is: 964

City code is 62

Local Number is 7224653

From USA 011

011 964 62 7224653

It could be with extra 0

011 964 (0)62 7224653 Say American - Andy (Keep repeating slowly)

They will probably say. OK

My room number is not really important.

Say over and over America, America. Do not say United States.

They will not undertand. Talk very slow please.

This is getting fun. I am trying to help the radio station call me.

I guess if they really want, I can call them... hehehe

But as always... Bullshit walks, and money talks.

I think most people want to be famous. I am doing my duty and repaying them for helping me to get this Press Pass which I must hide very good for fear of lots of trouble. Not that I am being paid. Suppose to be an exchange. I say this and they say "HoboTraveler.com." I have said the "This"

Maybe I will go to the UNICEF office. hehehe, I think they have a satellite telephone. I have never known the UN or UNICEF to go anything but first class.

The always have these white SUVs that cost more than the whole village in most places I have visited. They do good, but not on the shoestring like a Hobo. But this place is missing the real power of any NGO (Non Govermental Organizations). There presence is hard to find.

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