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2003-08-02 23:09:00

I had a girlfriend in college that said,

"You are insensitive."

I did not understand that statement, and it still eludes me more or less.

But, I do try to acknowledge how I feel.

Today I am maybe frustrated. I do not like waiting for a Taxi.

I would have cross the border at the moment it opened. That is my normal method. Be the first in the Queue.

But this taxi driver is recommended and people know him.


Maybe a little. But not really. Probably less then when I entered from Pasto Colombia to Cali, Colombia.

I felt safe there, when the colectivo taxi driver wanted me to put on the seat belt so he did not get in trouble with the police. I realized there was more simple immediate problems.

There is a percentage factor.

How many crazy people per 100.

I would say in the Kurdish areas there is one of the smallest percentages in my travels.

SouthEast Asia was 5 times more dangerous then the Kurdish people.

Now.. The Arabic. I have no clear concept of them.

I will say.

If a guy has a little cap on his head. A long white robe or like pajamas. A wife that follows him covered wiht a black covering. A beard. I pay attention. This may in this area be the same as the USA religious fanatic.

The religous fanatic or zealot is the person in the USA that walks carrying their Bible... All the time. Arms crossed and acting like they are imbued, or need to go to the toilet. I am not sure.

But these 2 types of people exist. They are in all cultures.

The idea of Jihad exist, or religous war. It is the idea of getting rid of all not believers. I guess the call that an infidel. Funny part is that in all of the religious concepts. I am pretty sure that we both have the exact same God and the path was different.

But the little beard is a sign.

If you watched TV yesterday and saw the burial of Saddam's two sons. The ones that were talking or praying over the grave are the ones I am talking about.

Note: In the area where I am right now. I have seen nobody like that.

I saw one in Istanbul. Talked with him by accident. He was eating Kebob at my favorite stand.

He was Kebob and a little on the wacky side, but not a true wacky type.

I also look into people eyes.

That is the whole story.