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My nephew are telling my family.. Yes.

"Uncle Andy is really a spy."

JJ the American says I look like a spy.

People want to know if I am connected with the CIA?

I tell them. If I am then they forgot to send the check.

I am too poor to be a spy.

Plus... give me a break. Who really knows what a spy looks like?

I can tell you some fun crap.

After September 11 I received some really subversive group mails.

One from a place in El Salvador and another from the border town

of Venezuela. I forget the name.

These were in Spanish and downright dangerous in my mind.

So being the good guy. I forward them and write long emails to

the CIA and he FBI explaining the situations involved.

But do I get a reply? NO. I think they are at lunch.

I also have let me see. I cannot remember.

Yes. I made the CIA factbook my number 3 choice for top webpages

for actual traveler. These are pages that really help me while traveling.

Not at home. But when I am in an internet cafe.

I gave the CIA a friendly heads up email. No reply.

I am not sure they really even exist. In the places I go. They should be around.

It is hard to imagine them being secret enough for me to not pick up

on one in 7 years. But I have not.