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2003-07-27 06:27:00

The locals first want to know. What country I am from? Then they want to know the state?

After the country they say,

"Bush" (That is one of the few English words or names they know.)

After the state of Indiana, they say,

"Indiana Jones or Indianapolis Pacers."

The ones that speak English pretty well talk the rhetoric of the newspapers and television. The taxi drivers, and the normal working class normally give a thumbs up or a nod of the head.

When I say they talk the rhetoric of the newspaper, I mean they repeat the ideas proported by the media. Mostly negative about Bush. Saying,

"The world does not like Bush." Something you would hear on television. But not necessarily true.

A lot of times they talk about President Clinton. I thought President Clinton did a good job, but I can not really say what happened in his office of importance. Maybe NAFTA. But I am positive he went out in the world and tried to get all the people to like him.

I personally believe that a good leader of a business, country or a coach of a basketball team will be both hated and loved.

Bobby Knight the basketball coach of Indiana, University is a good example of this concept.