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2003-07-27 00:41:00

I was on the all night bus from Istanbul to Urfa. This city is located close to the Iraq border, but is not the closest. It is modern and clean. I am sure many people would say differently, but I have been in lots of very dry and dusty areas. This place is great in comparison.


I pass wheat fields as I was leaving Istanbul and before the sun went down, and as we traveled the last 250 Kilometers to the city of Urfa. I was expecting small one family farms. More on the subsistence level. I was totally wrong. This is obviously an extremely modern operation. I could sometime see freshly harvested wheat fields for as far as I could see. It was marvelous. I would have love to have been here before the harvest.

Plus they have orchards of Pistachios and another type of grain or maybe Olives. I am not sure. But they go for as far as you can see also.

I am so happy this country has lots of grain and food.

The building are the normal red brick type, with a layer of concrete over to make the exterior flat. The same constrution as most of Central and South America. More similiar to the Latino methods than the Southeast Asia methods. They have lots of space outside the cities, but probably very little water because it is rather hilly.