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2003-07-23 07:22:00

There ıs a fresh fruıt and vegetable market today ın the street. It is probably the best looking tomatoes, potatoes, cherries, nuts, eggs, peaches, and other assorted types of food I have seen in my travels. They are very high quality.

Chapas Mexico is the only place I can remember where the market looked this good.

Most of the time there is a mixture of semi-rotten whatever mixed in.


I was talking with the person about the vegetable.

He wanted to know if it was safe to eat? More or less, are there pesticides and herbicides on them.

He made the conclusion they was safe because we are in a poorer country and they do not have the chemicals.

I said,

'You are right, they do not have the chemicals we have. The have all the really good ones that are illegal in the USA."

Most countries have pesticides and herbicides just like the developed countries.

What they do not have is laws that regulate.

Similiar to the idea that the sell copies all the music CDs here in the street for almost nothing.

The law is not the same.

But in the end, the market food looks great.

There is a silly illusion that somehow poorer countries have better moral than rich countries.

What set the tone is the legal system and the leaders.

What the USA has is a very effective press that exposed the minor of moral offenses.