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2003-07-23 04:12:00

I started to go to the Syrian Consultate today. The manager of the Guesthouse called. They are only open from 9:30-11:00 in the morning.

I was already too late. I will be on their front door tommorrow. I went and got 8 passport photos for 4 dollars USA or about 6 Million Lira.

The Consulate is a little ways away so I must be careful to take every possible thing. Friday is also some type of Islam Holy day and I am worried that they will want to keep the passport overnight or until the next business day. For some reasone they do this in some countries.

So you are suppose to have your passport on you at all time, but they will keep it for the visa stamp overnight.

I never carry my passport. A copy yes. The USA passport has value if stolen.