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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2003-07-24 02:19:00

Left the Guesthouse early. The Syria Consulate is open only from 9:30 to 11:00.

Took a bus for 1 million Lira to Taksim. That is an area. I had about 1/2 hour to walk to the place, but there were almost 0 street signs, and I am starting to think that Turkey people give directions like the Latinos. They will always give directions whether they know or not.

Finally flagged down a Taxi. Got closer.

I had the father in the Guesthouse earlier write the address in the Turkey Language.

He could not understand either. But the taxi drive did.

Suriye Konsolos Luk

Maçka Cadesı NoL 59/5

Open 9:30-11:00 I think.

232-6721 or 232-7110

Small difference between that and English, but the normal taxi drive is not a rocket scientist.

I made it there.

The extremely nice girl at the counter gave me application.

I filled in all the blanks, whether I knew or not the answer.

Gave her 160 Million Lira and she gave me back I think 8 Million.

This is maybe about 120 USA dollars. It is for a multi entrance visa. I am still not

clear on the length of time.

She would not take dollars.

Put 2 photos with the application. Kept my passport. Gave me a receipt and said

to come back at 3:00 the same day.

Easy. I walked in a straight line to not get lost tilll I found this internet cafe.

I have not idea where I am at really. Macka area... Istanbul

But a straight walk more or less from the Syria Consulate.

Cost is 1/2 here as opposed to the Sultanahmet area.

1 dollar an hour here, and 2 dollar an hour in the area I live. So I am in internet heavon.

The cost of the taxi and bus home, and the trip means that I will just hang around here and see what is on this side. The way I understand it, I am on the Asia side now. The Europe sides is on the other side of the bridge and water.

NOTE: Have people write think in the local language.... huh

I am in a different country. They speak a different language.