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2003-07-23 01:10:00

The WOWO radio that helped me to get a media pass is supposed to call me today. I received an e-mail from Kevin and he said he was having trouble with the number. I am not sure what type of trouble. Maybe the Guest House answered in the Turkish language... hehehe Go figure.

But calling another country is always an adventure. In the USA we have area codes. Some countries have area codes and city codes, plus they change the rules from where they are calling. I recommend... In the USA. Screw it. Call an international operator and beg.

HoboTraveler.com COMMUNICATION help page

Look for the link that says... TEL COUNTRY CODES

Oh yes, Mom, they are to call at 8:35, but I am not sure.

That is a big maybe. The time difference is a problem. I have a laptop though, and I left it on the time in Indiana.

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