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2003-07-14 03:08:00


I purchased a 350 video camera yesterday. I am hoping to copy filmed situations in Iraq and send back on CD Roms. I have not checked my system yet, but I am 90 percent sure I can do this. I will film an event. Download from camera to computer, than burn a CD rom. Mail home.

Making films of places is not my idea of fun. Espcially when the whole world wants to do this. Most countries are full of people with camcorders filming the place. I do suppose that Iraq is a little special, so I am going to capture the moments. I do not think there will be many tourist. Maybe a few granola for lunch bunch types working for NGO for way more money than they are worth.

I suppose what will be different than the news. Is I will film the truth with no agenda. I own nobody, anything.