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Istanbul is very beautiful and the architecture is great.

The city is very European and I am surprised that it feels more secular and less of a Moslem country. There is alcohol and Turkey people in western style clothes.

Of course there are the normal suspects.

-An American that wants a Gay president and is going to Harvard in the fall for law school.

-The Hostel Owner tells me he hates Americans.

-A French couple that both smoke in the room.. ( I am in a dorm room)

-Turkey girls that flirt with me... I have blue eyes.

-Australians that enjoy life.

-Taxi drivers that go around in circles to run up the meter on the taxi.

-Travelers that stay up all night and drink.

-Western girls becoming bed mates with the local men.


Strange lack of people with Dredds smoking marijuana.

I think the Turkey laws are very strict on drugs.