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2003-07-29 08:54:00

I have been walking around this small city.

I am in the what I think is the most expensive Hotel in the city.

15 dollars per night.

Air and BBC and Tea served on a minutes notice.

But... No one seems to leave the city.

This is a wonderful city. Full of normal culture.

Working and living their lives.

But all the residents act as if there is nothing to do.

Strange. This place if full of interesting people that love to talk.

Too bad I do not talk Kurdish.


I purchased a dictionary this morning. I wanted a Kurdish / English dictionary.

The said the only have Kurdish / Turkey dictionaries.

It almost appears like the world discounts the Kurdish population.

With both... I could decipher a word very slowly.

The purchase cost me.

I had to sit and talk, and drink another tea.

This seem to be the cost of any purchase.

I need to have a chat.

Small price, and I am getting a great value.