Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?



I sent out my weekly when I get around to it Newsletter.

It has all the pictures I took in the last week.


I have not received the newsletter in my e mail for about 3 weeks, since Guatemala, was worried. Happy u are ok.
PS do I sign up again?


Hello Donald,

You are signed up, it should be coming.



Andy. Thanks for speedy reply from IRAQ!!!!! Sent a business e mail over to Guatemala from here in ES 11 days ago, still waiting for a reply!

Raining a lot here this season.

Antigua, Guatemala was great, because of our friends and the people there.

Next time you or any of your readers are in Antigua visit and chat with Tony Ryals at Tostaduria Antigua, 100 bi lingual 25+ year eccentric (none of us in "third world" are crazy!!!) ex pat.

Tiny café Tostaduria Antigua 6a Calle y 7 Ave. Sur No. 26, antigua, across from Rainbow Room. Varied hours, very very informal. Coffee ground on the spot there. Very nice Cyber Cafe and English language bookstore next building going east.

Good luck in Iraq. Be safe.