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2003-07-23 00:59:00

I am leaving Istanbul. I may go toward the Kudish part of Turkey and skip the beach. The country of Turkey is very big. It may take 3 days to get all the way to that end of the country. I will be going east from Istanbul by bus. Today I am going to go to the Syria embassy to get a visa for Syria. I hope it is easy, but embassies can be very difficlult. I heard from a Denmark man last night, who has a visa for Syria that you can get a multiple entry visa for 60 days. This will allow me to enter and leave Syria as many times as I want in a 60 days period. I could maybe enter Syria next to the Eurphates. (I think it is the Eurphrates... My maps suck) than go into Iraq for one month, leave on the lower part of Iraq to Syria and down through Jordan.

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