I am on an Island. I am sure I am on an island of culture. This cannot be normal. The world here is too polite and clean. I am living on a center of tourism street for Istanbul. The street is called Sultanahmet. It is the Turkey version of the Bangkok, Thailands "Khao San Road."

I try to live in the center of the mess of a city. The place where people do not care that I am there.

All the people care that I am here, and wish to promote my happiness. That normally means that I am in a way too much tourist area. I happened to walk down the hill and found some normal existence. What a relief. I thought I was surrounded by tourist. But very close, but a little hard to realize and find, and I can make an escape from the culture of toursim to the culture of Turkey.

Life is good. Food is great.

Where I live?

I am mixed in a confused price range.

The Four Season and the Best Western are my neighbors.

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