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2003-07-05 20:35:00

I was reading some of the post in the Lonely Planet Thorntree. It struck me that a lot of people just fake it to hear themselves talk or write. Like they will become famous by posting to the Lonely Planet. I find I only go there to post questions. Most of the answers are bad, and people just add opinions.

My friend John T told me that people think I make up the stories.
I think this is ludicrous, but for the sake of questions. If anyone would like to tell me... What would prove what I say I do is real.
Please tell me. I take so many photos it would be hard to believe that people think I make them up.
Cynicism is alive and well. But than again, I am going to Iraq for a lot of reason, but one of the main one is that I think that CNN and BBC are full of crap.

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