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2003-07-25 02:50:00

The world is like a big city.

There are dangerous areas.

But normally everyone knows where these area are and avoids them or are extra careful.

The world is like that.

A bus driver. A taxi and the locals will not normally take you to a dangerous

area without a big discussion.

The real dangerous situation is to have a car and a guide.

I believe the best guide is the other people around you.

I have been on multiple buses where the locals suddenly told me to behave in a certain

way for an inspection of the bus.

But for instance, the buses in Colombia will not run when the Drug Dealers are bombing the road.

This is normally the same.

So going to the next safe location.

Staying there, listening to other coming from the direction you are proceeding.

Than only whey you know the good path. Proceed.