I read a story on the BBC site about a Journalist getting killed in Iraq.

He had only been there a fortnight. I guess that means 1 night.

He was already running around taking photos.

In the story or video on this page. There is a reference to a group of people surrounding him

or gathering. I noted earlier that any type of MOB or GROUP is dangerous.

I also think that leaving and taking photos in the first week could be dangerous.

Especially with anyone watching.

I normally learn the lay of the land or study the situation for at least a week

before I run around with a camera. I also always have the camera in a backpack

and only bring out for the photo. Than immediately put back in the pack.

Solutions: If in a group. Leave

Solutions: Keep your camera hidden.

Solutions: Do not travel around until you have talked and talked. Learning the advice of others.

Running out the first day in a country and taking photos. Using a Taxi driver. Maybe looking rich

is never a good idea. I will go low profile. Hopefully look like a Hippie, or the some "Save the World" individuals

that have less sense than others, and the normal populace considers fools. Fools are usually not targets in

my opinion. Although a person that looks like rich or brings attention to themselves is not wise.


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