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2003-07-28 06:41:00


I am in Sipoli. I was worried that it would be small city and have no services. Like a bank, internet, and ATM machines, but this place so far has everything a person could need. I only arrive about 1/2 hour ago. Checked into a room. All this went very easily. Everyone seems to pay a lot of attention.

The city is an oil town I believe. There is a tank truck every 2 minutes that passes on the road to Iraq. I remember on CNN they showed during the war that the trucks were crossing over a mountain and into Iraq. It may have been talking about an illegal entrance, but as best I can tell so far. This place is very modern.

Of course in the Western eyes it may appear very crude and rough. But I have been in hundreds of cities like this, and this one is very modern.


The have cement trucks and do not mix the concrete with shovels.

The size of the wheat fields and the numerous tractors is another sign.

A tractor can be rare in lots of countries.

This reminds me of northern Argentina. Maybe Kansas of the USA or possilby southern parts of Brazil. All the land outside the city is planted with Wheat, Pickles and what I think are potatoes.

I am going to walk around the town and see the people.

So far everthing seem outrageously safe.

Not just a little safe, but very safe.

The people or the at least the Kurdish people seem to love Americans.

I think most of the tourist areas have been hurt a lot by the war, and they are making their decisions on their desire to make money.

A vote with their pocketbook.