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Three was a post in the Lonely Planet Thorntree yesterday that causes some concern.

What is situation at Turkey / Iraq Border? (I posted and here is a reply)


Only the land border with Jordan is regularly open for crossings. An overland trip from Amman to Baghdad can take over 12 hours, provided there are no problems at the borders. The summer heat can render such trips unbearable. The land border with Syria is only open to returning Iraqis, humanitarian organizations, and diplomatic delegations. The Turkish and Iranian borders are officially closed."


What is situation at Turkey / Iraq Border?

I was commenting about the difference between general and specific information. This is very general. It could be correct or incorrect. I will follow up on this information. I have seen very few borders that were closed in tribal or developing countries. There is normally a lot of trade going on between borders and people must cross.

I remember a television report of anger for truck drivers that hauled oil between Iraq and Turkey. When the war started it was causing a lot of problems, or more or less costing them lots of money.

This post has no references to why or who, or when. etc.