Takoradi Ghana Hotel

Takoradi Ghana Hotel Photos    Takoradi Ghana Hotel Pictures
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130,000, has parking and a noisy street side.

The main street or John Sarbah Street of Tokoradi, Ghana

A little polluted

These are mild powder candies, I thought was great. Milk for candy, a great idea.


Me locking my bag in the Amenla Hotel that cost 70,000 for common toilet and 90,000 for private shower

Fire Point

These are drafting board, nice wood work in Ghana

Amenla Hotel in Tokoradi, Ghana for 70,000 Cedi in August of 2006

Amenla Hotel

Vespa an Italian Motor Scooter


This extremely long toed shoe is the fashion in West Africa

Market Area or circle of Tokoradi Ghana

These big holes are everywhere, amazingly large and dangerous. Ghana

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