Ghana Countryside

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Antenna on home, always a TV first, then food.

Clay and tree limb construction in Ghana

Coalin Truck and the road between Elubo and Tokoradi Ghana

This is the soil between Elubo and Tokoradi Ghana


Rubber Plantation

Takoradi Sign

All signs in Ghana talk of God

Rubber Plantation in Ghana

Rubber Trees in Ghana


Girl carrying the big business of stoves on her head

About one dollar per liter or 3 dollars per gallon

World Vision or Blurred Vision is Everywhere, they set up,
look at how old this sign is, is this a solution or a business?

Mosden Hotel, 130,000 CEDI, the lady says, only for 180,000 I start to leave, and she finds a room for 130,000
I think the guidebook writer likes it because of the parking and the non-African German Restaurant below.
There is a loud speaker going all the time in the bus stop across the Street.

The Amenla for 70 or 90 is a much quieter hotel, and less of a walk to see the city, just a short walk from here.

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