Elubo Ghana Hotel

Elubo Ghana Hotel Photos    Elubo Ghana Hotel Pictures
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Noe is Ghana side of Border, I seen zero hotels on Noe side.
Elubo is the Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast this is the Osamadi Hotel for 50,000 Cedi or 4000 CFA

Elubo Hotel on the border of Ghana and Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast


All the signs are church related and this one weird one

Coalin going from Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast to Togo
A man says it is used in Coca Cola, I do not know what Coalin is...



Blood Serum will work on Sex Problems.. hehehe The lady is the picture on the bottle

Rates at border in August of 2006 - Noe Elubo Ghana - Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

I was cheated at this fourex, he told me one rate, then gave me less, it is very difficult to count the money because so big

Fourex, an ATM is in Takoradi

Burau d'Echanges Forex

I needed my knife sharpened.

He does not know how to sharpen, you go against the stone, he did both ways.

Market sewer in Elubo Ghana

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