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Boiled or Raw, I have no way to know. The big man on the right, just ask for money.
It is annoying when adult just feel they have the right to ask for money. I gave him 5 CFA about 1 penny.

Iron with Charcoal inside

Ayame Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

They have a dam in Ayame for Hydro Electricity. I went in the police gave me hard time so I left and went to
Aboisso Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast



Washing my clothes in the Bemosso Hotel in Aboisso Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

They are making many tool in Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast - Many are in the market that are hand made in Aboisso.

I went into this pharmacy to buy rubbing alcohol to cook with, they wanted 5 U.S. dollars for one pint.
4 dollars more than normal on the planet.

This is a key in Aboisso, the neighbor used his and opened my door by accident.

I always lock my valuable in bag and chain to something





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