Banoua Cote d-Voire

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Banoua Market a cool place to visit because of very few tourist.
I did not see any tourist in Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast going to markets.


A stature, every city has a stature, Banoua is a city, it has a statue

Cacao drying in street in Banoua, they use available flat spots


Kids made a toy in Banoua Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast


Catholic Church or next to is VERY bad, almost worthless
Internet in Banoua, better to stay in Bassam, the next is Takoradi, Ghana

This material I believe is used to burn for stoves

This is charcoal for stoves

A view of somewhat typical view from the Vallee Hotel in Banoua for 10,000 CFA

Large trees are curious to me, just one then one, in the middle of the short

The Vallee Hotel in Banoua is where I stayed, hard to find cheap. 10,000 CFA and nice


The girl is eating Coalin some type of stone used for maybe pregnancy.

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