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Puce is the word in French for SIM Card they wanted 20 Dollars for Orange and 10 for Moove

This is a water carrying tank in a small village between Bassam and Aboisso Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

Many tools being made by hand, not normal on the planet to see many hand made tools.


This  man is a pianist for a church in Bassam, he was going to Aboisso to meet a Catholic Priest

Bemosso Hotel in Aboisso for 2500 CFA or 5 Dollars. One of the few great values for the money hotels I encountered

Just a short walk from the bus station or Gare of Aboisso. Aboisso Hotel Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast 2500 CFA

They are doing road construction very muddy in city

This is not the normal, this road seems to be under construction, but maybe I am wrong

Aboisso seems to be a cluster market for the area of Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

Too many fish, big river next to city of Aboisso

Herbs or Medicines


The river in Aboisso

Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

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