ATM Bank Machine Cote d-Voire

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A Hotel in The Grand Bassam of Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

Bed and Breakfast in Cote d'Voire - Ivory Coast

I tribe in Liberia

The French lady in the Wharf said the West Africa was part of the CDAO,
I never had time to search on internet to figure out what she could not explain.

In French to stand in line is an Indian File

I went to the ATM in Imperial of Grand Bassam before businss hours to collect money.
It was closed, very normal for machines to not work on weekends or non-business hours in the world.

Caisse Automatique - A best I can tell, this is the last ATM until you get to Takoradi, Ghana.



Loading up Vans in Imperial of the Grand Bassam


Cell Phones are taking all the extra money of the youth


Nice boy that helped me find the group taxi to Aboisso for 1500 CFA

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