Grand Bassam ivory Coast

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This looks bad, but it is not. NGOs make a fortune of normal photos of things. The people of the Grand Bassam
will lay down in the sand and take a nap. I can see it everywhere, the sand is cool, in the shade better.
The sand does not stick, it is a very good type of sand for beaches.

Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast Children in the Grand Bassam

Everyone puts on this skin cream, I as told the water caused them to itch, I think there is a mass,
I need this.. for this.. problem going on.


They are drying clothes by putting in the sand, the sand is exceptionally clean of dirty particles. A washed sand.

Ladies sit in the Sand in the Grand Bassam Area

I bought some Popcorn for him


The bottle of water is annoying to me, they have public water, but the water is not clean?
IF they have public water, then why is the water not drinkable?

Herbs or medicines, many people say they have stomach problems or some problem going to the toilet

Ichicki this is a staple food of Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

This is a prayer place for the Islamic People. It is the corner of a gas station in Imperial

These are group taxis, for 500 CFA you can go to Abidjan, for 1300 you can go to Aboisso

Meter in Abidjan, they seem to work. The number 1 can be 2 at night. I think the 2 is a higher fare.
You need to tell them to turn it on and check it is on 1 and not 2 in Abidjan Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

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