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Interestingly the Grand Bassam has a public water system complete with meters.
Then the people drink bags of water, hard to understand the levels of purity.

This guy on the left has a very annoying Africa idiosyncrasy of snapping his finger at you.
Most people or travelers allow person to annoy them and just go home. I tell a person to stop.
I believe a person should treat or say what they would do in their own country and feel it
a negative thing. I was thinking of changing to this hotel, nice statues inside, but these boys
were annoyingly too cool for me.

They cook with Charcoal, here in the market at Imperial away from the Carte Blance, a 200 CFA group taxi ride from
the tourist sides of the Grand Basam is this type of thing.

I have never in my life seen so many types of metal works for making cooking stoves.

Africa seems to make a lot of iron works or tools.

Many styles of cooking stoves here in the Grand Bassam of Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

Cooking with Charcoal can mean that charcoal is very cheap, or it can mean that propane is very expensive.
They have propane here, it can also mean they are very poor. It takes a long time to figure out the truths.

Cooking in Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

I do not know what this is for, a specialty cooker of sorts.

Cooking stoves in Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

Boy with goat in the market area of Imperial Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

One of my better photos

Mercedes Benz Cars are everywhere here in Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast
More than the USA by a long shot.

A statue in the Ancien Bassam of the Grand Bassam, probably Catholic

I guess this is checkers, I am not positive.

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