Bassam Beach Ivory Coast

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These two girls were fun to photo, I like to try to capture the essence of what is happening, very hard to do.

Playing in the Waves in front of the Wharf Hotel in the Grand Bassam area of Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast


I look and think, will they get very fat?

 A nice beach, the White People normally do not walk or go around the beach, there is a separation.
It is not like the USA with anger or anything, more or less too much attention if you walk around.
The French on the otherhand in my mind can be total snobs.

Grand Bassam Beach Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

The Resorts here are nice, not like Thailand, but ok here in Grand Bassam.


These girls were flirting with me

Carrying her younger sister or niece of something

Playing an unknown name game on the beach in Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

The wave here are pretty strong and the water is colder, here in July

Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast Talent


A Mongoose is a pet in the French Speaking Wharf

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