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In the Ancien Bassam in Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast they cook what they call a Gallet or maybe a Benet, this
is one that has fish inside, they have small round ones without.

This is Veronic she is cooking the Fish Gallets in the
Ancien Bassam or the Grand Bassam of Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast is a former French Colony, the building have a French Architecture,
these places though also had English, Portuguese, therefore possible for all, never sure on who built.

The Architecture here in the Ancien Bassam has an interesting style. A balcony above, then what I think was a
carriage entrance below. I know of buildings the same in my home city.

Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast Weaving the Grand Bassam

Weaving or a Loom

Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

The Grand Bassam is a pointed piece of land with fresh or sweet water on one side and the ocean on the other.
These old ladies sit around looking all day.

Everyone in Africa seems to use their head as a place to carry things.
Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

This is a Bed and Breakfast by a lady from Harlem, New York, who I think shuttles back
and forth between the USA and Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast

It is nice, a good place to speak English and education.
The cost is about pretty high, not backpacker fare, pure pay to be tourist fare.

This is Rosalie a forceful, outspoken women, I think she will talk and
explain the Black versus USA culture vigorously.

Cote d'Vore or Ivory Coast Hotel or Bed and Breakfast in the Grand Bassam

This is NOT a recommendation for a Hotel, it is a interesting building.

This is the building, as normal does not look like the card... hehehe

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