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Goods Carts in Delhi India

Goods Cart or small taxis in a way

Typical Trash, except no Cows. Normally will be full of cows

Oxen Cart in Delhi India

Oxen Cart in India

Large Electrical Generator because the Electricity goes off continually in India

Advertisement on the back of Bike Taxi for Abortion Pills

This cart is selling cold water. The cleaning of the glass is very suspect. India does not really understand the concept of cleaning.

Bike Taxi

This man is a named RagPal he is a good taxi driver in the Pahar Gang Area of Delhi.
200 Rupees to go to Airports, domestic or International

Generator, not lack of noise in India

Playing Cards in Delhi India

Food Market

Oxen Cart complete with Manure Droppings in India

The New Japanese Hippy

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