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Agra Fort - World Heritage Monument or UNESCO Site in India

The toilet at the Agra Fort

The also have a Western Version. The tap at left is to clean you afterwards. No toilet paper

The realities of India in the Agra Fort

There is not drain trap on the down pipe, not totally needed if the bowl has water, however...?

How to clean up in India. Note they wipe with their hand for the most part. This is unusual because there
is a place to clean and there is soap. Not normal

Taj Mahal Beer Bar - Islamic

Entrance to Taj Mahal. Warning, YOU NEED to check all electrical devices before entering.
It is totally stupid the entrance. Figure it out before you enter.

Inside Taj Mahal, not teh Taj


The One Photo of mine of the Taj Mahal, my batteries were taken from me in my GPS.
It started to rain, the guards were a pain, nobody spoke English so who cares.

A nice rug dealer in Agra, a nice accidental meeting

Rugs maybe Persian Rugs in Agra


The man will put any design on rugs

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