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Subic Bays seems to be a former something. They used to have a US Post Office here.

It appears to be closed. I came to this area of the Philippines to see if it was possible to manufacture backpacks here
and send to the USA. This sign represents why I wanted this area. Unfortunately the place is over the hill
and off the edge.

KFC and McDonalds in Philippines


San Fernando City, the call this Pampangas or something.
Really Pampangas is the Province and not a city as best I can tell.

I went to this Pharmacy and had them fill out a survey of the price of Medicine

A friend man in Manila

The taxi tried to cheat me, I got out of taxi, then took photo

I have a Mailbox drop here to receive mail.

United Nations Avenue is where the post office is in Philippines, Felix is a good guy the manager.

The new world business, Cell Phone Pawnshop

Beggar boy in Manila

Mother and Child team begging

A hard rain came and flooded the streets in Manila

Jeepney and taxis in Manila

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