Olongapo Philippines Hotel

Olongapo Philippines Hotel Photos    Olongapo Philippines Hotel Pictures
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The area of Olongapo Philippines is set up for men buying girls.
I made them empty the fridge and toilet of junk so I could use.

How do I use myself?

The basked to junk i had removed from Hotel room in Barrio Barreto beach

The beach is not so good near Olongapo, the worst part is no people.

Typical Philippines boat with outriggers

The fence on the beach called Long Beach or near Barrio Baretto.
The fence is to stop venders mostly.

No Vendors inside on the beach near Olongapo Philippines

The swimming pool in my Hotel. It has this cover, that makes the pool only for people who do not want
the sun.

Placing coins on the counter in my room to see if cleaning ladies steal

Visa Assistance, the Importation of Prostitutes from Philippine to USA and Australia etc.

The Olongapo Market was nice and interesting.

Armed Money Truck in Olongapo Philippines

The Lagoon Resort
This is where I stayed in on Long Beach Barrio Barretto Olongapo City.
It had WIFI in the hotel, and IF YOU get the room next to the reception you can use from your room.

Selling Viagra at the The Lagoon Resort

Bike Taxi in Philippines

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