Bali Restaurant

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This is a small statue in front of the Hotel I stayed in for 10 dollars in Bali, Indonesia.
This is not old, it is maybe the color of stone or gravel. I also believe it could possibly be the pollution from Motorcycles.

I did not stay here, but across from this Hotels, The Jakarta Bali is a good Indonesia family ran restaurant.

I took a photos of the curb. It is not white concrete, this coloring lends to a mystic of old or ancient in
Bali, however the color is either rocks in the concrete or pollution.

One owner of Family Owned Restaurant I visited daily in Bali

The Husband and Wife team. The one is Islamic the other is Hindu.

Annoying little ants in Asia. They are very small and climb around in beds.
I think they are attracted to water, not I hang my towel on a clothes line in my room all time.

Boiled peanuts sold in Streets of Bali, Indonesia

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