Bali Surfing

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This is Mapati Airline, there are paint track on the wing, very unusual

Dirty, normally you can eat off a wing. Marpati Airlines

The beach at Bali Indonesia, not the shad and the small area of dry sand

Bali Beach

Surfing is maybe the best use for the Bali Beach

Surf Boards

Surf boards at Bali

Pizza Hut

I would say this is the number one best area to come if you wish to party in Bali or find any bathing suits of note.
The McDonalds is the center. See the Maharani Hotel sign. This is Kuta or the Poppies area.

Bali Beach

I was on motorcycle. There was such a traffic jam I could not move with the cycle.
I decided to take a photo. It is not normal for motorcycles to come to a complete stop.

I wanted to take a long ride down the beaches between Kuta, Legion and Seminyak. It is not possible.
They have sold off parts of the beach to Resorts and the one-way street kills this idea.

Seminyak or Double Six area. The sand is a fine pumice like texture. Full of black sand or specks.
I am not sure if it is pollution or volcanic rock.

Rent a Motorcycle in Bali, live in a good hotel anywhere. To live right on the beach is a problem

Bali Statues for sale. The Buddha is popular, however most people here are Hindu.

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