Dili East Timor

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Number 2 airport in Dili

The gangs burned the market

A market that is burned, a big problem. Worst than to burn a home. You need to earn money in the tropics more than you need a home.

Many flat river beds like this in East Timor


The beach a number 2-3 on a 10 scale. Note many places do not have a beach,


Hotel Timor - The place where all the NGO and the Journalist stay in East Timor

To the left is a burned out building, this problem in East Timor is not new.

The boat harbor, the people went inside this fence when there were big problems for safety.


Mandarins for sale. Very common in Dili East Timor

I have this lighted key chain. I was all excited, then I got it wet, it does not shut off. Not good for beach.

A group of Australian Soldiers talking in the Dili Backpacker Hostel

A map of Dili, this city only has 160,000 people, a very controllable number of people.

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