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Guest Kitchen in Dili East Timor Hostel or Hotel

Common area with enough copies of movies for a year
 in Dili East Timor Hostel or Hotel

The time stands still in Dili East Timor the clock is wrong

Australian Military in East Timor, I found out this is a personal carrier and not a tank.
I guess a tank has a large canon on the front.

Screaming because of bondage, this is appropriate in Dili East Timor

The people left the Harbor area and were moved in the park in Dili East Timor.
My guess in June of 2006 after the major problem stopped there is maybe 40-50 tents in Dili

The Australian Army bagging sand, a good job for East Timor people, however I doubt you can
get the to do this hard work easy.

The UN or United Nations Truck, I would say Dili is a United Nations Colony

The land of East Timor or Dili is flat, however like a river bed below the mountains.

There is a very interesting type of trash disposal system in Dili, a very good idea.
On corners there are these concrete burning areas. People can come and scrounge for good things.
Then after they are done you burn the trash. A minimal amount of hauling of trash.

In India the cows would be eating all the trash, they have the same system, however a round barrel type.

Notice the bars and the doors on the business, this is a nice looking hotel.

Barb Wire, the business to be in in East Timor

Australian Army in East Timor

Papers are being sold, not as bad as could be thought. June 2006

A restaurant in the Dili East Timor Backpacker Hostel

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