Yogyakarta to Bantul

Yogyakarta to Bantul Photos    Yogyakarta to Bantul Pictures
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Jogja Indonesia

Bantul Indonesia

Children at the window as I enter Jogja Indonesia

Earthquake Damage on building as I enter Jogja Indonesia

I rode a motorcycle I rented for 6 U.S. Dollars per day to Bantul Indonesia viewing the Indonesia Earthquake

Emergency Vehicle between Jogja and Bantu,  Indonesia Earthquake

Lady with broken leg inside a tent -  Indonesia Earthquake

Posko - This word was on many signs, maybe it means a - Post -

The line was a little longer as I got close to Bantul, but they appear to have gas or petrol in the region of the Indonesia Earthquake

A cross for a grave near the site of the Indonesia Earthquake


Indonesia Earthquake

Indonesia Earthquake

That little cage has chickens in it, - Indonesia Earthquake

Man next to house above Indonesia Earthquake

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